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Both helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint is what everyone should be looking to do, it can often be quite difficult to find the information you require to help you live a much greener lifestyle.

However, here at the Waste Aware Scotland site we aim to bring you a whole host of information that is going to should you how you can actively get involved in recycling, and put into place ways of helping reduce your carbon footprint and as such do a little bit to help the environment as a whole.

Recycling Centres – Whilst many local councils now have recycling waste collections available at certain types of the week or month you will always be able to start recycling quickly and easily.

However, when you want to dispose of some larger appliances for example then you will need to know how and where you can dispose of things such as fridge’s and freezers which is not disposed of correctly can harm the environment, and this section of the site will be showing you who you should contact to dispose of such large items and where you can dispose of them at no cost to yourself.

House Insulation – One of the easiest ways that you can, for a modest cost, to reduce the amount of energy you use to is put in place some form of house insulation many councils across the land have in place grants which will allow you to offset the cost of insulating your home.

We will be explaining what insulating your home entails, whether it is cavity wall insulation, double glazing or even loft insulation and will also be letting you know the average costs involved in doing so and the amount of energy you are likely to be saving when you do insulate your home.

Energy Saving Devices – The beauty of modern technology is that it is constantly evolving, and as such there are always a range of new devices and appliances that can dramatically reduce the amount of energy you use in your day to day life.


We will be taking a look at all of the brand new devices and appliances that have hit the store and we are more than convinced that you will be interested in purchasing some of them, and to be honest the prices of most of the items we cover will not cost you the earth either!

Grants and Green Loans – As someone who is interested in becoming a much greener person probably more so in regards to your home, you ae going to find that there are lots of ways that you can get grants or financial in place to allow you to help make your home a much greener and energy efficient place.

In this section of our ever growing site we take a look at where you can turn to if you are seeking financial support or help towards making your house more energy efficient, and those grants and loans are available to everyone so do check them out.

Solar and Wind Power – The way the world is now producing its energy needs is of course making a change for the better, with many countries now signing up to commitments to reduce high carbon producing energy methods and instead looking for other ways of producing their respective energy needs.

In our Solar and Wind Power section of the website we look at the difficulties of getting permission for such forms of energy production and also how both of them have changed, for the better, the environment as a whole.