Understanding recycling

In the last few years the onus has been firmly put on the citizens of Scotland to sort out their waste – all 13.2 billion pounds of it – with the main aim of that waste then being recycled further down the line. In fact, you now probably have an assortment of different coloured bins outside your home for that very purpose.

There is usually at least one person in every household who has been nominated or has taken on the role of chief waste sorter, and low behold you if you accidentally put the wrong type of waste into the wrong bin!

However, recycling is important, for by actively doing so you are going to be doing your own little bit to make Scotland a much greener place and with many councils now massively cutting back their expenditure, by recycling your waste you will also be doing you own little bit in regards to helping your local council do just that.

Knowing what type of waste you can recycle is something that everyone should get to grips with, and if you have any children in your home then the earlier you teach them about recycling the better, as they may just gain an interest in doing so and will then start to recycle their own waste and the household waste for you, which will be one less task to worry about.

All packaging these days is going to have an indicator upon it in regards to what that packaging is made of and whether it can indeed be recycled and as such you should spend some time making a note of your recycling bins and then getting used to the many different types of packaging that you will be able to recycle.

If you are an active gardener then a lot of your food waste can be made into compost and as such it may be worth investing in a compost bin for that very task, you will find that many large stores and DIY centres will sell compost bins and they will be a worthwhile investment over the long term.

Very large electrical appliances that may need replacing can also be recycled, and you will find many companies know will actually come to your home free of charge and will remove those items for you at no cost, so if you are about to replace your fridge or washing machine for example then do consider making use of these services, as it will save out a lot of time and effort having to take them to the local tip or recycling centre.

You will also have become more than aware that each time you purchase a plastic bag from a local supermarket or store you are now going to be charged the princely sum of 5p for each bag you do buy. So, maybe now would be the ideal time for you to purchase a bag for life as those 5p’s can add up over time.

If you do either buy a bag for life or wish to reuse any plastic bags you have bought then get into the habit of keeping them in your car if that is how you do travel to the local supermarkets, as many people forget to take them with them and then have to fork out for additional bags!

You can also make some cash form recycling too for there are now lots of places you can take aluminium cans or any old cloths that you may have and cash will be given to you based on the weight of the cans or clothes you wish to recycle.

So that is certainly something to consider if for example you are having a clear out or a spring clean as any clothes you do wish to get rid of will be earning your cash and will be fully recycled and put to good use further down the line.

Also one place that many people can start recycling at is there place of work, so if you spot anything that is usually thrown away at work then have a word with your manager or supervisor for many companies pay a small fortune for disposing of their waste, and if you can recycle instead of simply throwing things away that will save the company you are working for money, and often a lot of money over the long term.

It is of course down to you personally and the people you live with as to whether your household is going to full embrace recycling, however if every family in Scotland does start to recycle more, then the benefits and long term financial savings will of course help the country as a whole and will reduce the amount of waste that is simply dumped into land fill each year.

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